A Bilingual Baby

A Bilingual Baby

domingo, 24 de diciembre de 2017

The most beautiful Christmas book I have ever seen

I wish you a Merry Christmas celebration with people you love!
And happy 2018!

The Christmas Wish is a beautiful book about Anja, a brave and adorable little girl who wants to become one of Santa’s helpers. This book is the result of a four-year family project. Lori Evert, Anja’s mother, is a prop, set and wardrobe stylist. She wrote the text and chose the clothes the girl is wearing. Per Breiehagen, Anja’s father, is a professional photographer who grew up in the town of Al, Norway. He was in charge of the stunning photographs of the book. Anja does look like a little elf, with her red hat, pointed shoes and Norwegian clothes. I love the Scandinavian references of the book, for example, Anja decorating a gingerbread house or sweeping out a sauna covered with the typical Falun red. These photographs are so amazing that, the first time I saw the pictures on line, I thought they belonged to a film or an ad. It is a beautiful and magical book, the new Christmas classic. 


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  1. Sounds a lovely book and has brought back memories of a Norwegian hat I was given as a child (quite different to this one though)


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