A Bilingual Baby

A Bilingual Baby

martes, 6 de octubre de 2015

Great Blogs You Should Be Reading

“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” 
J. M. Barrie

These are some of my favourite blogs. Check them out! Happy reading!

Express-o Diana has this brilliant blog about how to live a pretty life. She describes her blog as “a blissful journal of happiness”. I love her posts about travel, life, and delicious food! Favourite recent post: Living with a kangaroo.


But First, Coffee Kallie loves a cup of coffee in the morning, just like me! I like her positive attitude, her cocktail recipes and her videos explaining, for example, “adulthood hacks”. Favourite recent post: Watermelon sangria. 
 photo But First Coffee

A Beautiful Mess Elsie and Emma are two sisters and they are really creative. I always feel inspired after seeing their amazing home decor projects, recipes, and crafts. Favourite recent post: My Color Washed Living Room Floor.

The Shine Project I love Ashley LeMieux’s posts about life, family and trips. Her Shine Project helps inner city young people to go to college. She's authentic and generous. Favourite recent post: Our First Vlog and Weekend Pictures.

Beautycalypse I love green beauty products but I don't really know much about them, so, I love reading Nath's blog because I learn a lot with her posts. She shares her knowledge about slow and eco-fair fashion and green beauty. Her blog is informative and fun at the same time. Favourite recent post: Sunscreen Myths and Truths.

Feel free to recommend any blog you like in the comments!


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  1. gracias por las recomendaciones, tienen buena pinta!!! les echaré un vistazo con calma.

    1. ¡Gracias, Beby! Espero que te gusten. Hace días que no me funciona bien blogger, ¡un desastre! Besos, M

  2. thanks for recommending them
    new post: http://tupersonalshopperviajero.blogspot.com.es/2015/10/americanas-medida-online.html

  3. Aww...sweetie, thank you so much for including exPress-o in your amazing post:) Made my day and you are the sweetest. xoxo

  4. Respuestas
    1. ¿Te han gustado, Carmen? Por cierto, el otro día vi tu nombre en un libro de L. M. Montgomery, ¡qué gracia! Quiero recomendarlo en un post pero no tengo tiempo últimamente...


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