A Bilingual Baby

A Bilingual Baby

martes, 11 de agosto de 2015

Bodega 1900: chic tapas in Barcelona


Last week, a friend came to visit us so we decided to celebrate it in some great place. We chose Bodega 1900 by the Adrià and Iglesias brothers (famous chefs). We went there at 5ish, we weren't even hungry, but we had great appetisers and desserts. Here you can see some pictures I took with my mobile. We also had chocolate cake, strawberries with escabeche. Everything was delicious and the staff was really friendly. A very cool place! Many locals go there because it's a famous place, so it's not easy to get a table, but do try! Next time, I'd love to go at a different hour and eat some Ibéricos and cheeses, one of my favourite food in the world. Here, you can see their website and menu à la carte. Enjoy!

Olives made with the special technique by Adrià

Spicy squid mollete

Aubergine and salmorejo (similar to gazpacho)

Melon with vermouth


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