A Bilingual Baby

A Bilingual Baby

jueves, 19 de marzo de 2015

Saint Patrick's Day in Barcelona 2015, part II


Más actividades para seguir celebrando Saint Patrick's Day:
¿Cuándo? Viernes, 20 de marzo
¿Dónde? Pub Wild Rover, en Santa Mónica número 2, Barcelona
Más información: su web, su twitter y su facebook

In their own words: "Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated on the 17th March every year is a very special day for all Irish people around the world and who’s to say that the rest of the world can’t join in partying with a pint or three and a bit of craic. At the Wild Rover Irish Pub Barcelona we’ve got an extraordinary day planned for you on Friday 20th of March as The Hangover of Saint Patrick´s Day. The Guinness will be flowing freely all day long, not to mention the Irish whiskey, of which we have a wide selection. Our own dear old leprechaun will be in a cracking mood that day too, dancing and singing along to the live music we’ll have on all day long. That’s right, this St. Patrick’s Day at the Wild Rover Irish pub Barcelona we’re offering you not one but various acts playing the classics all day long. There’ll be no shortage of Irish traditional and modern music either, from the Dubliners to U2, from Planxty, Paddy Reilly, Van the Man, the Cranberries and back again, we have it all covered. Irish people love a good sing song and St. Patrick’s Day at the Wild Rover Irish Pub Barcelona will be no exception."

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