A Bilingual Baby

A Bilingual Baby

jueves, 22 de enero de 2015

People Living in Barcelona: Susie Kellerman


Susie Kellerman, raised in Detroit and educated at the University of Michigan, spent 4 years pounding the streets of NYC as a waitress, dancer and choreographer before making her move to Barcelona.  The past (almost 10!) years in Barcelona, Susie has been focused on creating her own production company and dance school, Slam Dancing Productions which now hosts a training program for pre-professionals, a kids dance program in English, open adult classes, monthly workshops and intensive courses and a summer musical theater casal in English.  She’s a diehard, passionate dancer who hopes to be wearing a leotard when she’s 90.  Besides dance, she likes the good electronic music, the color green and milkshakes, although she has turned to juicing instead.

 Slam Dancing Kids

What’s the thing you like the most of Barcelona?
Easy access to the mountains and beach, the incredible architecture that’s forever beautiful, the always young at heart attitude, the many cultural activities, mostly sunny days, and horchata!

And the thing you like the least?
They take away the horchata after summer…  No really, what I like the least is the polluted air, the tv programs and the “paso de todo, yo qué sé” or I’ll just keep standing in the middle of the street even though I see you coming lack of respect/crappy attitudes.

Do you miss anything from home?
I miss Detroiters, straight shooters, telling it like it is.  I miss feeling on the edge of popular culture.  I miss NYC!

Can you recommend an American film? 
Chinatown, West Side Story, An American in Paris

Can you recommend a book by an author from the US?
East of Eden by John Steinbeck

Can you recommend an American music band?
So many, I’m crazy about music. so let me recommend musicians from Detroit—Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Electric Six, Eminem, Madonna, Carl Craig, the White Stripes

What's your favorite spot in Barcelona?
I don’t have a favorite spot but I would recommend going to the beach early on a Sunday to see the sunrise and checkig out carretera de les aigües early evening. 

Do you do something here that you couldn’t possibly do at home?
Eat great healthy lunches for the average menu price, have so much fun at my age, walk everywhere, see some Gaudi on a weekly basis.

Is there anything you did at home that you can’t possibly do now?
I try and keep “can’t possibly” out of my vocabulary, but yeah, I can’t drive here and I can’t vote. 

Any tip for an American person wishing to visit/settle down in Barcelona? And, any tip for a person from Barcelona wishing to visit/settle down in the United States?

If you are coming to Barcelona, be patient and be careful not to get your purse/phone/camera stolen and if you are going to Detroit, don’t be alarmed, people really are that friendly in the suburbs and when in the city, watch your back.

Thank you for the interview, Susie!

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