A Bilingual Baby

A Bilingual Baby

martes, 25 de marzo de 2014

Event: Raising Multilingual Children in Barcelona


I this this event might be interesting. It is organised by the Barcelona Women’s Network and the English Speaking Children’s Parents’ Association of Catalonia: Raising Multilingual Children in Barcelona: Your Children are Bilingual, But Are They Biliterate?

Monday, April 7th 12 noon - 2pm

Please RSVP to president@bcnwomensnetwork.com. Free admission.
Light refreshments will be served

IEN (Institut d’Estudis Nord–americans), Via Augusta 123, ático

Barcelona Women’s Network and the English Speaking Children’s Parents’ Association of Catalonia have organized an informative event to discuss raising multilingual children in Barcelona. The focus of this event will be on biliteracy. A parent of adult-aged trilingual children will share personal experiences. An academic expert will highlight current research findings and trends. A practitioner will share hands-on experiences. A policy maker will discuss the place of expat children and other heritage-language speakers in the Catalan system. A question-and-answer session will immediately follow the presentations. Profiles of the speakers will be published online one week prior to the event.


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  1. Wow this looks really interesting. In fact I really want to move to Barcelona and will be in BCN on the 7th April. I might pop to the event to check it out. Do you know if the talk will be in Spanish or English ?

  2. Hi! As it is organised by the Barcelona Women’s Network and the English Speaking Children’s Parents’ Association of Catalonia, I guess it'll be in English. If you want to go, I think you need to write to president@bcnwomensnetwork.com. Thanks for your comment! Marta


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