A Bilingual Baby

A Bilingual Baby

jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2012

People Living in Barcelona: Sergio Matamala

Sergio Matamala was born and raised in Barcelona. When asked what he would like to be when he grew old, he answered, a hockey player! He started playing hockey at 5 years old, and was chosen for the national team, but had to leave because of a serious injury. Years later, he was working as a mechanical engineer, when he decided to quit his steady job and move to England to learn English and become an actor. After spending almost two years in Bristol, studying and working, he moved to London to study acting at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. At school, besides learning to do stunning performances, he also learned stage combat.

He now lives in Barcelona, where he works as a professional actor. If you want to see Sergio on the stage, he will be on tour with different theatre plays from January 2010. In August 2010, he will play in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and in September 2010, in Madrid. For updated info, please visit

1. What’s the thing you liked the most about Bristol?
It was special because it was the first city I went to after I left my parent’s home. So, Bristol will always mean to me freedom and adventure. What I liked the most was that there were many open green spaces, with grass that you can walk on, you can lie down there, and enjoy.

2. And the thing you like the least?

The weather. There were too many rainy days. But of course you don´t have plenty of green spaces without rain. Damm it!

3. Did you miss anything from home?

What I missed the most was sitting outside a café, having a cortado and reading the newspaper.

4. What was your favourite spot in Bristol?

A bar called Arnolfini because of its atmosphere. A mixture of all arts, exhibitions, dance, music, film, theatre, located right in the centre of Bristol's harbourside. And there's something very powerful about water, water chills me out.

5. Did you do something in Bristol that you couldn’t possibly do in Barcelona?

To see good classical theatre, well directed and well performed. In Barcelona, there is good contemporary theatre, but in England, a great deal of importance is given to the emotional journey of the characters in the plays and less importance is given to the plot. I believe the best directors-actor's coaches are based in Britain. (Declan Donnellan, Joseph Blatchley, Trevor Nunn...). Nevertheless, lately, very good classical Catalan productions have been performed in Barcelona, like the ones directed by Oriol Broggi.

6. Is there anything you do in Barcelona that you can’t possibly do in Bristol? Seeing my friends and socialize in my mother tongues, in Spanish and Catalan. Also there´s something very powerful about acting in your native language.

7. Any tip for a person from Barcelona wishing to study in Bristol?

Just go there, dude.

8. If you were given the chance of going back to Bristol, what would you do that you didn’t do the first time?

I would party more. When I was living there, I focused too much on studying!

9. What was the most important thing you learned in Bristol?

That a young man must leave their parent’s house at 25 at the most. I also learned to order two beers with the palm of my hand facing the barman. If you do it the other way round, it’s the same as ordering a beer here with your middle finger.

10. Anything you would like to add?
You can visit this link (Sala Flyhard).

Thank you for the interview, Sergio! See you at the theatre!

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