A Bilingual Baby

A Bilingual Baby

lunes, 13 de agosto de 2012

People Living in Barcelona: Michelle Frank


Michelle Frank is from Denver, Colorado, home of the great Rocky Mountains. She obtained her BA in Recreational Therapy for Incarcerated Youth from Western Washington University. She worked for sometime in a children’s home in Mindo, Ecuador, and with elementary school students in Micronesia. In Barcelona, she works as a substitute English teacher, babysitter and private tutor for elementary school students.

1. What’s the thing you like the most about Barcelona? I like how accessible the city is. How you can get anywhere by walking, biking or using public transportation. You can almost go anywhere, beach, mountains, grocery store, without a car.

2. And the thing you like the least? The lack of green space. There are the occasional parks and areas, but it's a bit of a distance (depending where you live of course) to get to a large green space large enough to take a nice run in and escape the city.

3. Do you miss anything from home? Good, cheap, Mexican food everywhere! Oh, and my family of course.

4. Can you recommend us an American film? Dazed and Confused. Juno. Wall-E. Reservoir Dogs. This is always a hard question.

5. Can you recommend us an American book?
A Confederacy of Dunces or A People’s History of the United States.

6. Can you recommend us an American music band? Tauntaun.

7. What’s your favourite spot in Barcelona? Gracia. I always just feel a bit more relaxed there and I can window-shop for ages. The plazas are comfortable to relax in and great for lazy Sundays.

8. Do you do something here that you couldn’t possibly do at home? At home I can't sit in a plaza and enjoy a drink and conversation in the sun with the great friends I have here in Barcelona. Truly this is what I would miss the most.

9. Is there anything you did back at home that you can’t possibly do now? At home, I could have a pick up soccer game in a large soccer field full of grass around the corner form my house.

10. Any tip for an American wishing to visit or settle down in Barcelona? And, any tip for a person from Barcelona wishing to visit or settle down in the United States? For people looking to come live in Barcelona, if you are looking to work, I would suggest you start looking and apply to places before you come. If you don't have your TESOL or TEFL, I would suggest getting it, there's a lot of competition for English teaching here and it can only help you even if teaching is not your plan. For people coming to the States, I would suggest the same about making contacts beforehand, but also if you are not looking to drive while you are there look into cities with good public transportation or smaller cities.

Thank you for the interview, Michelle!


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