A Bilingual Baby

A Bilingual Baby

lunes, 27 de agosto de 2012

People Living in Barcelona: Claire Dijulio

Claire Dijulio was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. After completing her BA at Western Washington University with studies in Spanish language and literature, and obtaining her TESOL certification, she spent some time in Morelia, Mexico, teaching English to young adults. She is currently teaching English to children, teenagers and adults in Barcelona.

1. What’s the thing you like the most about Barcelona?
I love that the sun shines on an almost daily basis. I love sitting at the outdoor cafes and restaurants, exploring the unique neighborhoods, especially the Borne, Gòtic and Gràcia. I also love the easily accessible public transportation - foot, bicing, bus, metro, tram - you choose!

2. And the thing you like the least?It is a difficult realization and challenge to accept the lack of efficiency here... one example: 2 months waiting for internet connection and then strange charges that will take another who knows how long for a response. On another note, I am not a fan of the "embutidos". I've tried it; however it just isn't my cup of tea.

3. Do you miss anything from home?Of course! I have some of the greatest friends and a very dynamic family I miss. I miss my cozy bed! I miss playing on my soccer team, I miss my amazing yoga studio - haven't found one that compares yet. I also miss my favorite Thai and Japanese restaurants. I miss driving up to Bellingham, one of the best towns in the Pacific Northwest!

4. Can you recommend us an American film?Rent, it is a musical, but I love it! Grease is a classic.

5. Can you recommend us an American book? The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine M.D.

6. Can you recommend us an American music band? Pearl Jam of course! Very influential and straight from Seattle! They are great and still creating, entertaining and rocking out.

7. What’s your favourite spot in Barcelona?I always have a difficult time with "favorites". Park Güell is definitely top on the list! I love and hate the Boqueria - if it is packed with people (as it is many months out of the year with all of the tourists), I definitely avoid it. If not, I love mingling through the variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, sweets, spices, even the stinky fish and hanging meats.

8. Do you do something here that you couldn’t possibly do at home? Back home, I do not have the option of riding the train to work, a public bicycle system does not exist, I would not have the option of going to the beach in October and sunbathing, nor can I meet with friends in various plazas for a casual drink.

9. Is there anything you did back at home that you can’t possibly do now?Well, now that I have found brown sugar, I can bake some of my favorite goodies - banana bread and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies! ummmm. Food is always one of the main things that I miss from home, accessibility to all kinds of food, whenever and wherever. Grocery shopping on a Sunday is impossible here, and unfortunately it is my favorite do to get organized and run errands, and be productive - however not going to happen.

10. Any tip for an American wishing to visit or settle down in Barna? And, any tip for a person from Barcelona wishing to visit or settle down in the United States?
San Sebastian is a must! Meet the locals and enjoy a long lasting typical "comida". The Balearic Islands are always a high on the recommendation list as well touring around the city will definitely fulfill your continue spending time and absorbing the vibrant city.

The Pacific Northwest is beautiful, green, lively, relaxing and full of various ecosystems: Coast, Mountains, Islands, Lakes, Rivers, Cities, forests... and always some sorts of adventure available, delicious dining opportunity, theater or musical attraction and wonderful and open-minded people.

Thank you for the interview, Claire!

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