A Bilingual Baby

A Bilingual Baby

jueves, 2 de agosto de 2012

Artistas: Becky Larson, desde Hawai


Me encanta el mundo blogger porque se descubren personas y sitios que, de otra forma, no se encontrarían ni en cien años. Hace tiempo, estaba buscando en internet unos muñecos para un pastel de boda y di con el blog y la tienda Etsy de Becky. Sus muñecos me encantaron porque eran muy originales, estilosos y con un toque vintage. Empecé a leer su blog y, casualidades de la vida, Becky vivía en Hawai, uno de los sitios con los que siempre he soñado. Hace un tiempo, gané un sorteo que hizo y recibí dos flamencos preciosos. Becky me pareció supermaja y detallista, y le propuse entrevistarla para mi blog. Espero que os guste la entrevista.

I love blogging because I find people who show me places, books, films, things, thoughts. What's not to love? After searching the web for cute cake toppers for a wedding, I found Becky Kazana's etsy shop and love her products. I then started reading her blog and, what a coincidence, Becky lives in Hawai, one of the places I've always wanted to visit. I won one giveaway she organized. I received two fabulous flamingoes. She's really friendly so here's an interview. I hope you enjoy it! 

Where are you from? Were you born in Hawaii? I was born in California, but moved to Minnesota with my family when I was 10. It was a lovely place to grow up, but I knew I wanted to escape the cold winters.

What's your favourite food from Hawaii? My favorite food from Hawaii is poke. It's a raw seafood salad made with Hawaiian salt and seaweed. It's delicious! A close second would be lau lau pork. Spaniards would love it! A wild pig is roasted all day in an underground oven called an imu until it's falling apart and melts in your mouth.

What's your favourite drink from Hawaii? My favorite drink would have to be A Wicked Wahine from a wonderful Tiki Bar in Kona called Okolemaluna. It has tamarind in it to give it a lovely sweet/sour balance.

What's your favourite song from Hawaii? My favorite Hawaiian song is called Kona Moon by Hui Ohana. It's achingly beautiful and sounds just exactly like a midnight stroll on the beach. Everyone in Hawaii knows and loves Brudda Iz and his version of Wonderful World but there is so much more to Hawaiian music. I have a great Pandora station based on Hui Ohana and Gabby Pahanui. I totally recommend it.

What's your favourite book from Hawaii? My favorite Hawaiian book is Voyagers by artist Herb Kane. It tells the story of how the first Polynesians sailed across 2,000 miles of ocean to start a new life on the Hawaiian islands.

What's your favourite person from Hawaii? My favorite person from Hawaii is definitely President Barack Obama, who was born here!

What languages do you speak? I don't speak the Hawaiian language as I am a transplant from the mainland, but there are many people here who take great pride in keeping Hawaiian language alive and well, because it is in danger of dying out entirely in many places. This school is teaching the language to many new students. I spent a year living in China, so I speak some Mandarin as well, but sadly, I'm not fluent yet!

Have you ever been to Spain or Europe? I have been lucky enough to travel through Europe on four different trips. I haven't spent as much time in Spain as I would like, but I enjoyed a New Year's Eve in Barcelona one year and a week in Madrid. I can't wait to go back and taste some more of your delicious foods!
Here are a few fun common Hawaiian phrases that Becky has learned in her time in Hawaii: Aloha which means "love" but has come to be used as a greeting like Hello. Mahalo means thank you. Keiki means children. Ohana means family. Mahalo Nui Loa means thank you very much. Mauka means mountain. Makai means ocean. These are commonly used in giving directions. Kine means little and is commonly used as a place holder. Pau Hana means an after work drink. :)

Thank you for the interview, Becky!

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