domingo, 31 de enero de 2016

Lonely Planet Kids: Paris


A couple of years ago, we visited France and my son’s favourite spot was la tour Eiffel. I follow Lonely Planet Kids on twitter and I saw they were organizing a competition to design a country, and my son was the winner with his country called Maxland! So, after receiving the prize, we started reading Not For Parents: Paris. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know. This books is great for children to explore Paris by reading about surprising facts about Mona Lisa, Edith Piaf’s songs, snails and frogs as dinner, Asterix comic strip, Marie Antoniette, and even the guillotine! All the pages include photos or pictures and, if the child loves a specific subject, you have a link you can visit to get more details online. We (boys and girls aged 8, 10, 12, and I) have enjoyed this book a lot! 

It’s a perfect book for children to start exploring the world. Lonely Planet Kids have a competition right now to design a planet! Your son or daughter could be the winner, why not? If you want to see more books by this publishing house, here you have the Lonely Planet Kids web. Enjoy!

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Comprar libros (sin gastos de envío)